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...a team of true reefer around the world by Reef Family 


I’m Thank . I live in Bangkok ,Thailand. My experience started keeping freshwater fish for 10-15 years ago and changing to Saltwater  4 year ago. I studied on website , page (Facebook ) , YouTube and asked my friends (reefer) and used various suggestions to try and apply in my system. 
Present, my tank is like everyone else. I change the water weekly and keep the water quality as stable as possible.




Hello everyone, my name is Charle, I am 29 years old and I live in France. I have been a fan of the barrier reef since my childhood. I never wanted an aquarium until I had "my" home so that I could take full care of it, I often go to pet stores to admire fish and corals. I have documented a lot on the forums. 9 years ago I started this hobby, I had several reservoirs but this one is a perfect balance between stimulating and rewarding, it allows me to escape stress and relax just by sitting in front my tank and enjoying what i did but it can be very sad and frustrating when you inexplicably lose cattle .. i am acros at Acropora I like to take pictures of the corals, shared and helped, meet new people. Of course I still learn more every day but if I can help it is with pleasure. I love the challenge of maintaining the acropora, seeing them grow and this colorful. Looking forward to sharing with you 🙏🏽💙​


Hi✌🏻, my name is Beccy, i‘m 43 years old and from Germany. The seawater fever has gripped me since September 2021… .😉



 My name is Damian! I am 30 years old, I live in France, passionate about aquariums since I was 5 years old. my dad had a 500l disvus tank threw like crazy every time my dad take care of the disvus. then came the moment when he stopped everything. I was then asked to offer me a small freshwater 100l cubic I did 10 years on this simple tank for a 15 year old child. then I moved on to aquascaping with different tanks from 30l to 120l. I suddenly quit to do 4 years of terraristics. Then I discovered the world of shrimp, 1 tank, then 4, then 12 to finish with 18 tanks. that's when I started to get interested in the reef. a 30l nano and today a gross 400l installation. I stopped prawn because I had a serious lack of time to occupy myself and the reef tank and prawns


Hi my name is Matt. I've been in and around the reefing hobby since 1997. I took 10 year's off to join the Marine Corps, and other work related obligations. I currently have a LPS Dominant RedSea Reefer 250.



Hey ya'll. I am Brandi Kamp I am 35 yo, Bleigh on R2R and BTheFountain on IG. I grew up in south Georgia, moved to Atlanta for College, and landed in Charlotte, North Carolina a few years back.

When I was 12-18, I helped a family friend run their pet store. I was paid in animals and gear and ended up with well over two dozen tanks or cages of different animals over the years. While I was in college I minored in geophysics and did a lot of work with ocean chemistry. I even had the opportunity to intern at the Georgia Aquarium. While I always had some aquatic pet of some sort, I opposed getting into the salt water hobby because I knew it was so expensive. My son and husband insisted we at least try, so we converted our biocube to salt water in 2019 and to say I am fully in is an understatement.


I am working on my PhD at Clemson University. My research delves into multiple areas: child trauma in schools, effective classroom technology integration, school equity and policy, and the role online culture plays in informal science learning. 

I love being able to share my journey and can't wait to hear about all of your journeys. I hope I can encourage more people on their journey of discovery and pleasure through this group! 

The best way to learn is to dig in and do it, so let's get it!


My name is Malin and for 15 years I have been interested in starting my own saltwater aquarium and am fascinated by all life underwater.

I have had a freshwater aquarium to and from for 15 years and about 2 years ago I decided to start my own saltwater tank.
Today I have two saltwater tanks and one freshwater tank up running. 

I live in Sweden, am 37 years old and know sharing knowledge and experiences, both successes and failures, make this hobby so much more fun and educational.

Other interests are: sea life, tattoos, dogs (have two bulldogs) and music.



My name is Adrian Józefacki, I am from Poland, I am 35 years old. I have been dealing with marine aquaristics for 3 years.


My Name Joe, Lives in
Scranton,Pennsylvania was Born 1981
Currently have a 50G Mixed Reef 2 Year old tank.
Reefing is the only thing i do for fun.



Hi Reef Family! My name is Rocky, born and raised in the Philippines, and now a citizen of the USA living in South Florida. I was 8 years old when I had my first freshwater fish and since then I always have fish. Only three years ago when I started setting up a saltwater tank and now able to sell and give out corals to friends. I currently have a mixed reef tank which is almost fully automated. I dose individual elements based on the ICP results which allows me to not do regular water change which I have been doing for over a year now.


My Name is Falk and i am 42 years old. I live in Leipzig in Germany. Since 3 years I am a Reefer.
I used the fauna Marin System „us style“ with balling light.


hello everyone my name is Claudio I am 40 years old, I am of Argentine origin but I have lived in Madrid for 19 years and I have been in the hobby of marine aquariums for 3 years.
It's been 3 years since I got into the hobby. It took me 1 year to buy all the material and set up the project. On that path I was reading every article and forum available on the net.

To this day, there is not a single moment where I am bored or unimpressed by the marine world.

Sometimes going through many frustrations and mixed emotions, but it is really impressive to see how life makes its way.

I keep learning day by day and getting to know

many people, who feel the same way about the reef where there are impressive people who make a difference, and who share their knowledge and experiences.

I am also a member of a telegram group called "The coral club" where we participate in talks and debates sharing experiences, thanks to them my steps are firm and contrasted.

With the current knowledge I hope to be able to help the community


Hi there !
I am Zoë a passionate reefer from Belgium. With my 4 years of saltwater experience I started 2 years ago with my own first nano reef tank. 
In this 20 gallon aquarium I build a mixed coral reef of sps and lps corals. Together with my nanofish family I manage this tank without heavy technology. Running with only a hang on the back filter filled with activated carbon and phosphate absorber makes it a real challenge!
After spending some time getting to know and understanding this underwater ecosystem with its bacterial balance, I decided to start up a second nanotank in early 2022. 
This became an 11 gallon Nemo tank, which runs the same way as the 20 gallon tank.
After a while, when I have found my forever home, I will start a large saltwater aquarium.
Can't wait to start that project ☺️
•Lots of love from Zoggys Reef•



My name is Guilherme and I’m from Curitiba, Brazil. I’ve been in the hobby 3 years from now and it’s been an awesome experience, a challenge and an apprenticeship. Everything started with a betta fish that my little boy won at school. We’ve passed through planted and freshwater fishes and after a lot of study and planning I built the whole reef tank myself.

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