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Jerome's Reef

Reefer welcome back to the Reef Family blog, where we go together to your homes to show off your wonderful tanks , today we will be guests at our friend Jerome's house

Meeting Jerom Good morning my name is Jerome I live in Aureil a small town in France I've been doing aquariums for 27 years, I've been doing seawater for a little over 10 years the tray is 160 cm x 85 cm x 60 cm high

What do you breed in this tank and how do you manage it? lighting is provided by an evergrow 5012it ramp and 2 ati 80w t5 tubes

the sump is in the basement of the house first a 120l algae refuge followed by a 160x50 decanter the skimmer is an ati 250 power cone a cuttings tray is connected to the decantation I use a uv of 18w 24/24

at the level of adding strontium iodine and potassium and a VSV solution (source of carbon to boost bacteria) the kh and mg are maintained via a buble magus branded Rac and Rah

I do 1 water change per month of 100l with instant ocean salt sps and has dominant sps a lot of accropora and montipora totuosa, formosa, hyacinthus, red chery

at fish level acanthurus clownfish chromis apogon

What future projects do you have with this tank? in project I want to add an additional ramp to reduce the shadow areas Just one last question

Jerome What advice do you want to give to those who want to approach this hobby or who are already in it? you always have to have patience and passion for this hobby and the results come by themselves

happy reefing

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