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Malin's Reef

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

Today we fly to Sweden .... in the Malin's House for see her tanks , but let her tell us about her beautiful underwater world

Meeting Malin

My name is Malin and I live in Sweden.

I have been fascinated by the aquarium hobby for as long as I can remember, started my own saltwater aquarium almost three years ago. Before that, had several different freshwater aquariums and self-built ponds both outside and inside.

Today I have two saltwater tanks and one freshwater tank.

The larger tank of 460 liters I have a mixed reef. Mostly lps corals and soft corals but also some sps. Favorite corals are all varieties of euphyllia and chalice but all corals fascinate me.

What do you breed in this tank and how do you manage it?

Fish that live in the mixed reef now are two tangs, a zebrasoma flavecens and an acanthurus dussumieri, a pair of ocellaris clowns, a blenny fish (salarias ramosus), a mandarin fish (Synchiropus splendidus), 4 Chrysiptera hemicyanea, a Chromis margaritifer, a six line wrasse, a banggai cardinal and maybe someone I forgot.

I do a water change once a week with a few exceptions when life gets in the way. I mix and add kh, ca and mg by hand and use aquaforest products for this. Also uses their bacteria.

Has a lot of live rock in tank. I replenish with copepods and phytoplankton at regular intervals. Doesn't have much technology, a skimmer, UVC, immersion heater and 4 streamers.

What future projects do you have with this tank?

Future plans with this tank is just to try to keep everything in balance, watch the corals grow and add more.

What can you tell us about this other smaller but high-impact tank?

My smaller tank of 130 liters is more than an anemone tank. I have three different bubbletip anemones in it and a few corals.

Have a pair of darwin clowns living there, along with a mandarin fish (Synchiropus picturatus) and a sailfin tang (zebrasoma veliferum).

And future plans with that tank are waiting for the clowns to start laying eggs and I will try to raise my own clowns. Just one last question

Malin What advice do you want to give to those who want to approach this hobby or who are already in it? The advice I would like to send to beginners is: Read, watch clips, ask questions on forums THEN choose someone who you can have as a "mentor". There are many with experience and knowledge, but with many different answers and methods it can easily get messy. Dare to try, be patient & have fun!


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