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Here we are in the most difficult part of introducing yourself and describing yourself


as many of you know my name is Diego, I have a passion for reefs and reef tanks, I entered this world in 2007 even if it seems only yesterday as every time I am amazed and in love in front of the corals,  I was born in 1983 and I have a penchant for Acropora ... but I admit that the fluorescences under the LEDs are lovely


 Reef Family was born from the idea of ​​the Family or that we are all on the same level as a sort of "Virtual Bar" or better Virtual Shop (admit it all: - you met your first reefers friends by frequenting the shops) where you can talk about everything and meet to show our wonders, I speak in the plural because in the end Reef Family is all of us, anyone who has this passion and wherever we are


 I have met fantastic people all over the world, their tanks and their management methods, all very similar but each with its own management "tricks" because you know that each Tank is unique and each balance created within it will not be never like that of another tank


it all started from Instagram where I had the pleasure and honor of knowing and talking to some of you who have allowed the sharing of photos, but all always respecting the properties of the photos showing precisely the name of the owner so that you can knew everyone even if very often we are not really neighbors, but I think it is wonderful to be able to find each other even if distant


to date I wanted to create this Forum to feel even closer to each other to also exchange opinions, experiences on products, corals, fish, shops .... feel free and feel at home here we are in the family ..... of course we are grown people and united by a hobby so let's just try to be civil to each other and not offensive

at the end I attach some photos of me and my tanks in the last few years more or less from 2014 to today, I will certainly have the photos of the previous ones in some archive but I still have to look for them when they bred very well with HQI

Happy Reefing 

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